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Our Schools

Yorkshire Endeavour Academy Trust is a unique and exciting partnership that was formed in 2018 by five primary schools that have a long and successful track record of collaborative working. Each with significant expertise in supporting schools.

Our Schools

Yorkshire Endeavour Academy Trust is a unique and exciting partnership that was formed in 2018 by five primary schools that have a long and successful track record of collaborative working. Each with significant expertise in supporting schools.

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About our school

Our Partners

YEATYorkshire Endeavour Academy Trust (YEAT)

A Multi Academy Trust (MAT) is a more formal partnership. It currently consists of Castleton, Glaisdale, Lealholm, West Cliff and Airy Hill Primary Schools. We expect  YEAT to grow. MATs are still very high profile on the government agenda, although there has been less media coverage of late. We also expect that some schools in the Esk Valley Teaching School Alliance may belong to a different MAT but the Teaching School Alliance will continue to link the schools.

Esk Valley TSAEsk Valley Alliance (EVA)

The Esk Valley Alliance consists of over 40 partners and includes large and small schools from Whitby and Esk Valley area, Scarborough and Ryedale. It grew from Castleton, Glaisdale and St.Heddas, as outstanding schools, becoming 'Teaching Schools'. A Teaching school grows partners around them to focus on 6 main areas of school improvement.

  1. Supporting schools in difficulty (StSS). We provide a team or individuals to support schools. So far we have supported over 20 small and large schools in Whitby area, Scarborough and Ryedale. We draw our support team from the whole of the Alliance - i.e. we know where the exceptional teachers and leaders are and we ask schools to release them to support another school.
  2. Initial Teacher Training (ITT) - this year we have 7 trainee teachers and next year we have places for 10. Egton School is the lead school. We use all our partner schools to offer placements to the trainees and our staff from across our partner schools deliver the training programme. York St.John University, as one of our partners, is the licensee.
  3. Continuous Professional development (CPD). We provide a CPD programme which includes network meetings, and bespoke training for our partners. This is done in conjunction with Scarborough Teaching School Alliance.
  4. Research – Settrington Primary School in Ryedale, one of our partners, has become a research School for the North Yorkshire Coast area. This is a hugely important role where the school will link us to a York Research school. It means that we can ensure all our work is evidence based.
  5. Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs). These are experienced and good/outstanding teachers. We use SLEs from across our partner schools to support all the other areas.
  6. Leadership Development – Part of our agenda is to develop leaders (see above – SLEs). We also have leading headteachers (LLEs- Local Leaders of Education) and consultant headteachers. These leaders also support all the above areas.

YEAT English HubYorkshire Endeavour English Hub (YEAT) 

Our English Hub is one of only 34 schools across England appointed by the DfE to take a leading role in supporting schools to improve their teaching of phonics, early reading and early language. 


Our Hub focuses on three crucial priority areas: 

Age appropriate phonics provision 

Encouraging best practice in systematic synthetic phonics teaching from school based early years provision to the end of key stage 1 and as the primary reading strategy throughout the school. This includes: 

  • Encouraging fidelity to a single systematic synthetic phonics programme 
  • Supporting effective use of decodable books in the early stages of learning to read to establish phonic decoding 
  • Supporting effective practice in formative assessment in relation to phonics / early reading. 

 Early language development 

Providing evidence-based approaches to early language development and closing the word gap in school-based early years settings, including appropriate use of formative assessment. Building children's speaking and listening skills in a language rich provision that are well matched to the children's individual abilities. This allows for planning for progression and preparing children to learn to read. 

Promoting a love of reading 

Encouraging reading for enjoyment; supporting whole school reading approaches, reading to children at least once a day and encouraging reading at home as well as developing teachers’ knowledge of appropriate children’s literature. Ensuring that reading and language is embedded across the curriculum and is taught in a purposeful way. Children are confident presenting their work and using different types of texts to achieve their goals. Developing reflective practitioners who can talk confidently about books and use this creativity in their own work. 

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North Yorkshire Primary School Teaching Alliances (NYPSTA)

There are 8 Primary Teaching school Alliances in North Yorkshire, including EVA. We work together to develop a coordinated approach and avoid duplication across the county.