Glaisdale Primary School is a small rural school in the heart of the North York Moors National Park, about eight miles from Whitby. The building dates back to 1897 and there is still evidence of its original status as a board school with separate entrances for girls and boys. However, once inside the building the picture changes, and visitors can observe the school as a dynamic learning environment for all its pupils.

Historically the dale and surrounding hills were mined for ironstone and coal with an iron works located nearby. Following the erection of the iron furnaces in 1864 (now dismantled), Glaisdale End was transformed from a scattered hamlet into a closely built and populous village. The school in its present location was built to accommodate the growing population.

Some in the area even remember the part that Glaisdale School had to play in the war effort, when normal lessons were put on hold to grow food for the village in Victory Gardens.